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Become a Member

Those interested in becoming members of Montview attend what we call an “Inquirer’s Class.” The class is an opportunity to explore becoming a member of Montview. It is held on either a Wednesday evening or Saturday morning for 3 ½ hours. It provides an opportunity to get to our Pastors, Clover and Ian, as well as Sandy, our Director of Children and Family Ministries.

Yes, we hope you will attend a class to learn about Montview and meet others. However, it you have extenuating circumstances, please contact Ian

The class begins with some time to get to know one another, think about our own faith journeys and consider what led us to Montivew.

Throughout the class, we learn more about the Montview community, our ministry and the larger context of the Presbyterian Church.

The class concludes with a Q&A period, during which we can provide further details for those who decide to join.

Call the church office at 303-355-1651 ext. 106, and the office staff will mail you a Inquirer’s packet that will provide details on the class.

Contact the office staff at 303-355-1651 with the name of your previous church, and they will arrange for your membership to be transferred to Montview if possible.

Yes you can join Montview. On joining Sunday, you will be baptized during the service. Co-pastors will meet with you separately to discuss the sacrament of baptism.

Yes, staff members who work with Montview’s children on Sunday mornings are there to care for children during the new member class and you’re welcome to attend to your children’s needs at any time during that time.

From the Sunday after Labor Day through the middle of May, we have services at 8:30 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. During the summer, we have one service at 10 a.m. (begins May 21).

Sunday Morning Schedule, Sunday after Labor Day through the middle of May, is as follows:

8:30 – Early Worship Service
9:30 to 10:30 – Adult Education
11:00 – Worship Service
12:00 – Fellowship in the Commons

9:30 to 10:30 – Sunday School (Toddler & Pre-school)
9:30 to 10:30 – Cantate Choir (K-2)
9:30 to 10:30 – Sharing with Sandy (Grades 3-5)
9:30 to 10:30 – Sunday School (K-5)

Adult and Children Education does not meet during the summer.


Volunteering can be a deeply rewarding experience where you can make immediate and lasting change by improving lives and building a stronger community.

There are many opportunities to get connected and help out!

Contact Danean Burke at 303-355-1651 ext. 109
If you would like to volunteer to deliver Sunday flowers CLICK HERE.
More info soon …

Find Your Place

Sanctuary Guild: Communion preparation & clean-up
Martha Fitzpatrick: 303-986-2252

Building and Grounds
David Lucas: 720-329-1685

Montview Publications
Angela Cummins: 303-355-1651 x 101

Office Assistance
Danean Burke: 303-355-1651 x 109

Montview Visual Arts Guild: Assist with setting up art shows at the church
Debby Cella: 303-355-3931

Montview Memorial Library

Heritage Center: Maintain church history and create displays
Bob Matchett: 303-756-9352

Memorial Services Assistance
Carol O’Dwyer: 303-355-1651 x 106

Communications Committee
Angela Cummins: 303-355-1651 x 101

Columbarium Committee: Provide for ongoing support and maintenance of the Columbarium
Susan Schneider: 303-320-4336

Telephone/Reception Desk
Carol O’Dwyer: 303-355-1651 x 106

Pam Johnston: 303-377-3354

Membership Connections
Carol O’Dwyer: 303-355-1651 x 106

New Member Calling Team: Follow-up with visitors
Pat Sheperd: 303-475-8783
Todd Rembe: 303-433-2546

Ushering & Greeters: Worship service teams, rotate every 6 weeks
Doug Easton: 303-862-7445

Pat Shepard : 303-475-8783

Companion Ministers
Peter Hulac: 303-388-7400

Montview Women’s Ministries Team
Linda Rumbarger: 303-525-2917

Quilters: Quilt-making for service projects
Brooke Durland: 303-722-7706

Chrismon Guild
Becky Demcovitz: 303-279-8742

Knitters – Prayer Shawl Ministry: Create loving shawls to be given to someone who has suffered a loss or is in need of comforting
Ellen Reath: 303-355-5062
Ellen Oakes: 303-478-3683

Tutoring at Park Hill Elementary (TAC)
Lois Bray: 303-378-0408

Soul Food Ministry: Meals to help families with recent illness or new parents
Paul Heitzenrater: 720-690-6720
Andrea Fuller: 720-838-8496

Mission Life: Planning & interpreting Montview’s mission programs & projects locally and globally
Jennifer Seward:

Montview Social Justice Ministry: Organinzing Montview members around community issues (formerly MCOM)
Karen Timmons: 303-377-6454
Peggy Gonder: 303-321-3465

Habitat for Humanity: Works to build affordable housing
Ellen West: 303-377-3867

Metro CareRing: Emergency assistance; weekly half-day or full-day volunteers
Rosalie McCall-Johnson: 303-424-1916

Central Visitation Program: Supervise parental visits at Central Presbyterian Church
Becky Demcovitz: 303-279-8742

Ipoderac Orphanage in Mexico
Mary Buckley: 303-507-4034Jim Polsfut: 303-807-1783

Women’s Homeless Initiative (WHI): Provide safe shelter for women without home one night at a time. Montview hosts 25 women on Monday nights.
Marilynn Ackermann:
Clair Howell:

Westminster Choir (Adults)
Paul Lingenfelter: 303-438-8439

Cantate Choir (K – 2nd grade)
Craig Robertson:

Timbrel Choir (3rd – 5th grade)
Craig Robertson:

Middle School Music (6th – 8th grade)
Craig Robertson

Jubilate Choir (9th – 12th grade)
Adam Waite: 303-355-1651 ext. 104

Handbell Choir and Montview Ringers
Adam Waite: 303-355-1651 ext. 104

Instrumentalists – Concert & Worship
Adam Waite: 303-355-1651 ext. 104

Musique & Masque: Intergeneration musical productions
Jean Sibley: 303-722-4207

Sunday School, Nursery, and Childcare
Sandy Prouty: 303-355-1651, ext. 110

Youth Group Advisors

Linda Chain: 303-355-8108
Virginia Allen: 303-355-9562

Lectureship Committee: Plans annual lectures by nationally recognized speaker
Clover Reuter Beal: 303-355-1651 ext. 102

Children’s Committee: Plans programs & projects for children
Sandy Prouty: 303-355-1651, ext. 110

Youth Committee: Develops activities for Montview youth
Linda Klein,

Worship & Music Committee: Worship planning & music programs
Rosalie McCall-Johnson: 303-424-1916

Adult Education Committee: Plans adult education classes, Lenten studies, special educational events
Deb Efird: 303-519-4765

Contemporary Issues Forum & Third Thirty: Plans weekly adult education forums
Steve Kennedy: 303-690-8265

Sojourners: Ages 50 & up
Jeff & Marilynn Ackermann: 720-353-2359

Wayfarers: Couples and singles ages 60+
Helen Dillon: 303-388-8617

Drifters: Couples and singles age 65 & older
Shirley Burkhart: 303-756-6521

Pathfinders: Single women age 40 and up
Ellen Oakes: 303-333-8991

West Side Fellowship Group
Cathy Fanning: 303-456-4115

There are many  fellowship group opportunities at Montview and more are added frequently (this is not a complete list). If you would like to learn more about a particular group or to learn about what is currently offered, please contact Danean Burke at 303-355-1651, ext. 109 or

Drifters – Couples and singles age 70 and up.

Men’s Ministry – The men of Montview go on a retreat every year, usually in the fall.  In addition, there are Bible study groups for retired men and opportunities all year long to do service projects around the church, build a Habitat for Humanity house or volunteer with our Laborers of Love ministry.

Montview Garden Club – Are you a seasoned gardener? New to the area and want to learn about gardening in Colorado? Wondering why everything you plant dies? Regardless of your current skills, we need you!!  Our garden club not only maintains the gardens around Montview Boulevard Presbyterian Church, but we also foster the green thumb in all of us. Our meetings will start with a short informational session about something garden related to be followed by digging in the dirt, plucking flowers and planting. It is social gardening where new gardeners can learn from the more experienced plants people.  We meet the second Saturday of the month from April to November from 9am-12pm.  Please join us when you can!

Pathfinders – Single women, including divorced or widowed, age 40 and up.

Single Parents At Montview (SPAM) – Singles with children who are divorced, widowed or single parenting by choice.

Sojourners – Couples and singles ages 50 and up.

Wayfarers – Couples and singles ages 60 and up.

West Side Fellowship Group –  Older folks living in the western suburbs

Women’s Wednesday Evening Book Study