Why Should I Support Montview Church?

Your financial support ensures that Montview Boulevard Presbyterian Church will remain a place of hope and faith for generations to come. There are a variety of ways to help Montview to be the hands of Christ in the world, including a one- time gift or by making an annual Estimate of Giving (EOG). You can also support Montview through a gift to our Memorials and Endowments funds.

How Do I Give?

You can contribute to the offering plate on Sunday morning, mail your support, have your gift transferred directly from your bank account each month through Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or CLICK HERE.  All gifts are tax-deductable and quarterly statements of your giving are provided.

To mail your support, set up an EFT account or for more information, contact Dan Gasser, Director of Finances at 303-355-1651, ext. 112 or

Or contact Dan by mail at:

Montview Boulevard Presbyterian Church
c/o Dan Gasser
1980 Dahlia Street
Denver, CO  80220

Can I donate toward a specific mission?

The Memorial and Endowment Funds of Montview Boulevard Presbyterian Church give you an opportunity to continue the missions you cherish. Reaching out and extending our blessings beyond our own lives is an intrinsic part of our faith and stewardship. We are the hands and feet of God while on earth and our gifts put faith into action forever.

Gifts may be made in the form of cash or assets. These funds also provide an opportunity for thoughtful estate planning, using a variety of tools, including wills, paid up life insurance policies, appreciated securities, deferred payment gift annuities, charitable remainder annuity trusts and IRA’s and 401K retirement plans. These arrangements often create tax benefits and may reduce income and estate taxes. Tax savings will vary according to each person’s financial situation.

General Endowment Fund

The General Endowment Fund preserves the principal of your gift and the investment income is directed by the Session for the work of the church. The interest income from the Endowment Fund makes possible important projects that are not covered by the annual budget.

The Montview Foundation manages the investment of these funds with the help of outside professional financial advisors. The investment objectives are to balance risk with long term return and growth. The Montview Foundation reports to the Session. Foundation members are knowledgeable in financial, investment and estate planning.

A donor may designate how a gift will be used or may make a gift with no restrictions.

Memorial Funds

Memorial Funds use both the principal and interest to support your specific personal missions or one time projects that you designate. For example we have a historic landmark building that requires attention and upgrading to serve our community for generations to come. Memorial Funds have been used to upgrade our sound system and renovate numerous Church spaces such as the Choir and McCollum rooms. Memorial funds can also be used for ministry beyond our church walls.